Patient Testimonials

My First Choice, Even If I Need To Fly From China…

Recently I underwent surgery at the Orthopedic, Sports, Spine and Hand Center Gateway Surgery Center in Everett to remove a piece of AO steel from an ATV accident which occurred while I was driving near the Gobi desert in China about six years ago.  I did know that  for my follow-up surgery after the initial one in China that I would rather fly home and find a better hospital.

“Orthopedic, Sports, Spine and Hand Center Gateway Surgery Center was able to go the distance and schedule me based on some limited information beforehand and get me set up so that once I flew into the U.S. I was able to have surgery after a visit a few days before. This saved me a great deal of time as well as headache.

I was quite happy with the facilities at the clinic, small, sterile, professional with a personal touch. If in the future I ever need another medical procedure I would return to Orthopedic, Sports, Spine and Hand Center Gateway Surgery Center as my first choice-even if I need to fly from China.

– Mr. Homme

Utmost of Care, Comfort, Concern and Professionalism…

My experiences at this facility have been exemplary on each and every occasion, whether it was a surgical procedure or a routine office visit. I have received superior attention and care from the front desk staff, the nurses, the surgical staff, the hand therapists and the physicians.

I have had four surgical procedures on my hands all of which have been completely successful. My care and treatment each time was handled with the utmost of care, comfort, concern and professionalism. I can, have and will continue to recommend this facility and its physicians without any hesitation or reservation.

– Ms. Paget

More Convenient, More Efficient, Less Expensive…

Within the past years I have had surgery both at a hospital and at an ambulatory surgical center. Although both experiences were satisfactory, I have found the surgical center to be more convenient, more efficient and also less expensive than my surgery at the hospital.

– Mr. McCutchan

Without Question The Best in the County…

I have the privilege of having a career in law enforcement in Snohomish County. Due to my chosen profession and active lifestyle I have been injured several times requiring surgical intervention.

During the course of the injuries I have had medical and surgical care at several hospitals as well as Gateway Surgery Center. The care I received at Gateway was exemplary and professional. The ease in which to schedule a medical procedure and the professionalism exhibited by the entire staff from the receptionist, surgery scheduler, RN and physicians was without question the best in the county.

The cost is always a concern for those of us in public service, but the outstanding care by the entire facility, gives me a sense of being well taken care of during what can be an event that is as stressful as an injury itself.

– Mr. Ramsay