Our Imaging Center

From its inception, the Orthopedic, Sports, Spine and hand Center has been focused on efficiency and a great patient experience.

This same spirit has directed the planning, conceptualization, and development that has gone into the Everett Imaging Center. From the finest and most advanced imaging equipment to the newest concepts in patient safety and comfort, the Imaging Center at the Orthopedic, Sports, Spine and hand Center provides patients with the “Best of the Best.”

Like every department in our clinic, the Imaging Center is staffed by professionals who are dedicated to making your experience as comfortable, convenient, and pleasant as possible.

Every piece of equipment represents the state-of-the-art in advanced medical imaging technology. This coupled with our efficient networking in each exam room; the physician can view X-rays and MRI images with you and immediately discuss your medical options together.

  • The new GE E-scan Extremity(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) features a compact limb enclosure area leaving the rest of your body free to be comfortable. Its size and shape help you relax every step of the way.
  • The Proteus GE Digital X-Ray digital detection technology provides quality images with minimal exposure to you as a patient. The image is faster because there are no antiquated developing processes. The images go directly to the operator screen and save us and, more importantly, you time.

From start to finish, while you are in the Imaging Center, the emphasis is on quality, safety, efficiency, and the kind of personal service that you and your family deserve.